Purr Cup Cafe: Drink coffee! Pet cats! Save lives!


We are two life-long cat lovers, brought together by our love of cats, following our dream of helping homeless cats find the forever homes they deserve. Ever since we first heard the words “cat cafe”, we were sold on the idea! Enjoying a cup of coffee in a room full of cats sounded like the best thing ever, and as we watched the cat cafe trend spread across the country, we knew it was time to open one in the triangle.

Read our Q&A to learn more about Purr Cup Cafe.



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What is a cat cafe?

The simple answer is…a coffee shop with cats! Our space will consist of two areas, the cafe, and the cat lounge. The cafe area will be like your regular coffee shop experience: a counter where you order coffee drinks and snacks, surrounded by cafe tables and chairs. The lounge will feature relaxed seating in a cozy room full of adorable, adoptable cats!

Is this a bring your own cat kind of establishment?

While we wish we could meet all of your awesome kitties, you cannot bring your cat to visit. For the health and well-being of our cats and yours, we must  ask you to leave your feline friends at home.

When is Purr Cup Cafe opening?

Our buildout progress has run into a permit-related delays (nothing related to the cats….just normal city delays) but we hope to get back in track and open in December. Stay tuned!

Where will Purr Cup Cafe be located?

We have found our “forever home” and will be located at 210 Prospect Avenue, right South of downtown Raleigh.


How does it work?

Like a regular coffee shop, except way better because we’ll have a room full of cats! You can drop in for coffee drinks and tasty treats and hang out in the cafe area any time. The cat lounge will have limited space, so there will be a small reservation fee to enjoy the company of our cats.

Where will your cats come from? Can I leave my cat with you?

Our cats will come from local cat rescue, SAFE Haven for Cats and will roam freely in the cat lounge, ready to play, cuddle, purr and make you fall in love. You cannot surrender your cat to us. Taking in owner surrenders would jeopardize the health and well-being of the cats at the cafe, but we are happy to help you find a home for a cat in any other way we can!

Is this sanitary? Are you allowed to do this?

Yes, and yes :) We have been in contact with the health department, the zoning department, and the animal welfare department, and have the go ahead from all three! You don’t have to worry about getting cat hair in your latte; all drinks will be made in the cafe side of the space. 

How can I help?

Click here to find out how you can get involved.